We all know that different shadows, liners and other cosmetic products compliment some more than others. For example, blue-eyed gals are always told to try “earthy” tones, while green-eyed girls are told to wear purples. However, wouldn’t it be easy if there was a single makeup look that you could use on your clients, and not only a certain type of client, but every single client? Today we have the ultimate look that will compliment every makeup artist’s client. Best part? It’s super simple and incredibly quick!


The only part about this product that truly must be done for each individual client is selecting a primer. This depends on if they have oily or dry skins, which will transfer onto their eyelids, and therefore, helps you determine which primer will work best. After applying a primer, take a light/medium toned brown eyeshadow and apply this into the crease, placing more of the product in the outer corners of the eyelids. This is the ultimate shade because it is neutral enough to be used on every different eye-color, and provides just the right amount of definition to the crease without over-doing it!

Next, take a deep, almost-black, eyeliner and apply a thin line of this strictly to the outer portion of the upper lash-line. This step is a crucial one. This lining step can be done on seemingly every eye shape as it works for both smaller and rounder eyes. For those with smaller eyes, only lining the outer edge of the lash-line will ensure that the eyes remain elongated as opposed to closed off. On the outer hand, this technique will enhance the rounded shape of those with more heavily-circular shaped eyes.

applying-mascara       applying-mascara-lashes

Apply mascara to the upper lashes. This is a rather self-explanatory step as all makeup artists know this is a pretty routine part of the entire makeup-application process. Next, dust on a rosy-pink blush. This is the perfect option in regards to a “universal” toned blush, as the rose hues underlying the product will act as a hint of warmth, while the pink in the product will create that perfectly flushed look. Thus, you get the perfect color with a rosy-pink blush!


Next, to compliment the lips, pat on a rose colored lipstick, preferably with a hint of gloss, as this will not only provide moisture to the client’s lips, but additionally, it will create a subtle sheen that is incredibly trendy in the beauty industry currently.


Finish your client’s makeup look with a creamy-toned off-white shadows in the inner corners of the eyelids as well as the brow-bone regions of the eyes. You can even take a subtle amount of this product and apply it to the high points of the cheeks, acting as a subdued highlighter, as well. Doing this step, no matter on who, will open up the eyes, further illuminating them, bringing out their unique eye colors, whichever that may be.

inner-corner  highlighting

The next time your client asks for a simple, everyday look, this can be your go-to. While understanding the client’s needs is vital to your makeup artistry, keep in mind that having a quick, go-to and convenient makeup look that works on everyone is a crucial part to any makeup artist, as well.