brush-cleaning-1Cleaning brushes from your makeup kit…Not typically the most exciting part of the job, but it must get done, nonetheless. If you’re an on the go Makeup Artist and are constantly cleaning your brushes in a hurry, here is a quick brush cleaning method that will make your life easier and your brushes cleaner.


All you need for this brush cleaner is some baby shampoo and olive oil or other essential face oils you enjoy using! This will add a hydrating effect so the bristles on the brush do not become overly dried out and frayed in every different direction.


Mix together the oil and shampoo mixture into a bowl or cup. Next, take a clean plate (that can be easily rinsed in between brush washes), and simply wash the brush. Having this additional plate will ensure that the mixture does not become contaminated with the dirty brush mixture and will speed up the entire process, as you will not have to keep cleaning the mixture bowl with the rinsing of each brush. brush-cleanserOnce you have cleaned the brush, place it on a towel or paper towel (whichever you prefer), and then, there comes the drying process! All you are going to need for the drying process is a regular clothing hanger and some rubber bands. This method is incredible for those of us who need to dry our brushes on the go, as the convenience of a hanger ensures you can seemingly do this any and everywhere. Take the rubber band and seamlessly attach it to the bottom of the hanger. The perfect part about this drying technique is that any sized-brush will fit on this “drying rack”, and not only this, but you will be able to fit many brushes in a single time. Need more space? All you have to do is grab another hanger! It’s as simple as that.


After this, the brushes can be set out to fully dry! Instead of scrubbing the brush onto a harsh paper towel with sulfate-filled products that will only dry and deteriorate your brushes, you can use this quick and easy method instead. Your brushes will be fully cleaned and will feel soft to the touch.


Not only will this technique improve the “life-span” of your brushes, but it is also great for those who are constantly on the go and in need of a quick way to ensure your brushes are sanitized and ready to go for the next client.