With New Year’s Eve only weeks away, those hairstylists out there are already preparing on what look to give when their client comes in and asks for a “festive, New Year’s Look”. While this could mean any possible hair look, as everyone’s interpretation of “festive” is different, it’s never too early to start planning what kinds of looks this could entail. To ensure your client is satisfied with the look and feels as confident as ever, one of the most rewarding parts of the hairstyling industry, we will be showing you these New Year’s Eve hairstyles that are perfectly festive and sure to inspire you with some new styling looks.


Look #1: The Classic Chignon

For that client going to an extravagant ball for New Year’s, the classic chignon is the perfect look. It is simple yet sophisticated and beautifully frames the face. In fact, this is one of the most universal hairstyles to go with to match various face shapes, making it easier for you! Bonus Tip: For a more undone look, pull pieces out of the front portion of the hair, as this will create a more effortless look!


Look #2: Accessorize The Hair!

Instead of adding glitter to your client’s head (although you definitely could considering this has been a popular trend as of late), you can opt for a simple glitter accessory to place in the hair. All you need is a glitter or rhinestone-encrusted headband or hair clip, and you are all set! The actual hairstyle itself after this has endless possibilities as you could for a voluminous ponytail, a low bun or even use a curling wand to create loose curls throughout the hair.


Look #3: The Classic Braided Bun

While Look #1 has more of a sophisticated appearance, this updo is far more elegant and girly! The ultra-feminine braided bun will create a ballerina-esque style that is sure to add just the right amount of class and elegance your client is looking for. Bonus Tip: Add a glitter encrusted bow or sparkling clip to the point of the hair where the braided piece and the bun meets, as this will create even more elegance to the look!


Look #4: Old Hollywood Glam

Instead of going with the classic, somewhat common updos seen above, when your client comes into your salon space and asks you for a New Year’s Look, you can always resort to Old Hollywood Glam. These big, bouncy curls pinned to the side with a deep side-part makes for the ultimate ravishing and classic look. Plus, it is fitting for every occasion! If your client is attending a party, they can wear this look, or perhaps, if they are going out for drinks and desserts, they can sport this look as well. This is certainly one look that is sure to please every client during this time of the year!

Now, you will be prepared when your client asks you for the ultimate New Year’s Look. While some clients may have their own specific visions, oftentimes, they don’t know what look is put-together yet not going overboard. That is why you are there to help them, and these looks above will help you in assisting your client with ringing in the New Year in ultra-style.