With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it is the best time of the year to invest in value sets. Color cosmetic and nail brands alike come out with seasonal value sets around this time each year that truly do provide the best value to those of you who are beauty professionals. Today’s focus will be on the manicurists, showing you different nail sets you can add to your kit today for a added-value to you and your clients. Not only this, but these sets are packaged and compact enough that they will fit perfectly at your own salon space.


First, we all know that Ciate has incredible quality. However, their prices can certainly be not so budget-friendly. That is why their new Mini Mani Nail Polish Set is the perfect piece to add to your kit. With 18 mini polishes from the brand as well as nail toppers that are perfect for New Year’s, all with a full-sized polish and nail file, this is an excellent value. It is only $59.00 for this entire set and it is sure to last you not only through the holidays, but well into the New Year as well. Mini polishes are great for salon space being rented, as they can fit in the most compact spaces, adding to your convenience.



Deborah Lippmann polishes are some of the best on the market, and ones that manicurists are constantly turning to, due to their opaque shades and large varieties. This year, the brand has produced their Very Berry Shades of Berry Nail Polish Set, retailing for just $36.00 that includes six polishes in a wide variety of hues, from strawberry to mulberry. This is an excellent brand for manicurists looking for a one-coat polish that provides a quick look and is easy to work with. These berry shades aren’t specific to the holidays, but rather, are great year round, with the brighter shades being used for spring and summer and mulberry hues that can be used in the fall and winter.


Looking for a kit that has nail care essentials that is organized and convenient? Look no further! This year, Tweezerman has released their Mini Nail Rescue Kit that comes with a file, cuticle pusher and nail cleaner, nail clippers and much more! The compact storage case is perfect to put inside a drawer at your own salon station, as well. Not only does the $22.00 price seem very appealing, but the quality tools are a sure way to add convenience to your manicurist’s kit.

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As the year comes to a close, it is a great time to prepare new and exciting, yet conveniently affordable products, into your kit! Nothing can beat the holiday deals going on right now, especially with some of the leading brands in the nail industry, currently. Whether it’s a mini-nail polish set or high-quality clippers, these new value sets are sure to add value into your daily life as a manicurist.