You’ve seen how Booksy can help you make the most of your time by handling client bookings and filling up your chair even during slower periods. But what if there’s no one at the chair to accept clients? Much like an empty slot, every empty station is wasted business potential. Conversely, if being your own boss is important to you as a beauty professional, it can be difficult to find the best conditions. You want to maximize profit while reducing costs, gain both personal control and access to supplies, and still feel that the place you’re working at is a perfect fit.



This is why we’re pleased to announce our newest collaboration with Renly: Any space. Any time. Anywhere.



Renly brings together business owners with space to rent and independent contractors who need a place to work. No more Craigslist-style searches with hit or miss results, as Renly provides free advertising. With its beautiful listings and detailed profiles, Renly is the Airbnb of the beauty industry. Business owners earn an average of $500 more per month with guaranteed compensation for their space. Service providers get to choose the perfect venue to express themselves. More importantly, there is no cost unless a partnership is established. That’s where Booksy comes in: once there is a service provider at the chair, it is only a matter of making sure clients know what times and spaces are available.



With Booksy and Renly – you can make the most of both slots and spots. That’s a beautiful combination.