You’ve seen how beautifully Renly connects businesses and service providers. This is the first step. However, clients can’t book with a service provider if they don’t know this is an option. Obviously, if you are the one renting the chair, you want to make sure you get enough clients to cover rent costs and still make a profit. As an owner, you want to make sure that both your employees and renters get enough clients to keep business running smoothly.

This is why Renly is so excited to be working with Booksy. Where Renly makes sure space is utilized, Booksy takes care of your time.


Booksy is a dual app appointment management system for the beauty industry. Whether you’re a business or an independent contractor, there are many ways you can benefit from the Booksy system. Perhaps you want to advertise your business using our marketplace, social media tools, and message blast system. Maybe you’d like to save time and stay organized with client self-bookings and advanced calendar features. You might even be looking to manage your business with point of sale features and advanced client profiles. Booksy can handle this and more.


With Booksy and Renly – you can make the most of both slots and spots. That’s a beautiful combination.