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Rent Space when you Travel

Heading out on vacation soon? You can earn while you visit new places; simply rent space in a salon for a day or two while you are in town. Whether you have specific in demand skills and can make some serious cash while you are away or you simply need to find some extras on your trip, renting space temporarily allows you the freedom to travel and explore without losing income.

Go Independent

Considering starting your own salon? You can establish yourself as an independent operator first and get an idea of what the clientele in a specific area craves most. Becoming an independent beauty services provider instead of an employee allows you to build up a following before you invest in a salon. Whether you work in an existing salon while you research or rent spaces in several different locations, you’ll get a sense of how different setups work, what products and services are most popular and even what the people are like in a specific area. Having this information in hand can help you make a wise investment and allows you to grow your business even before you can open the doors to your own salon.

Offer Ancillary Services

You love hair, but what else can you do to increase your sales? Gaining expertise in an additional area can expand your offerings and your income. Whether you learn more about eyelash extensions or brows or take a makeup course or two, offering additional services can increase your income. When you travel or rent space, you can see what other independent beauty pros do and determine which new skills appeal to you most. You can also try out new setups and chat with other beauty experts before you commit to a new program.

Build a Following

You are not restricted to your home area; once you have your license, you can (and should) travel. Build up a loyal following across your state and you can travel a few days a month to serve the needs of your happy clients. When you cultivate a loyal following, these clients will be waiting for you to arrive and book appointments weeks in advance, just to see you.

Stop Waiting for Clients to Come to You

Got the small-town blues? Take some time each month to head to high demand areas instead of your home salon. Renting space in a busy, high traffic salon can help you earn extra cash when you need to, without resorting to finding a second job or struggling.

Want to find salons and spas to work in wherever you go? Whether you’re planning a trip across town or across the nation, Renly can help! We match beauty professionals with salon space, making it easy to serve clients on the go and allowing you to boost your earning potential, worry free. Indulge your wanderlust, grow your personal following and start building your career as an independent beauty entrepreneur today – you’re one click away from a world of possibilities.

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