Instagram is the ultimate spot for gaining inspiration. Makeup artists, hairstylists, manicurists and others with creative lifestyles are constantly checking the platform to gain new ideas, re-create others ideas, or put their own individual flare on a look they saw by their favorite influencer. Manicurists especially are constantly on the look-out for Instagram pages to follow as the nail art industry is constantly changing, making it harder than ever to keep up with all of the latest trends! That is why we have compiled this list of the five nail artist Instagram pages you must follow if you’re a manicurist! These are sure to inspire you the next time you hit a creative block and are looking for some new ideas.

1. @aliciatnails



Alicia Torello is a renowned manicurist that creates a wide variety of looks. From symmetrical polish to color-blocked nails and grid-pattern designs, this is surely an Instagram account you have to follow now! Additionally, she is constantly updating her Instagram feed, giving you new content to scroll through every day.

2. @leximartone



Lexi Martone is based in New York and is an incredible Celebrity Nail Artist. If you are a manicurist renting space in an ediger, darker salon, this is the perfect account for you to follow. Lexi’s unconventional style makes her truly stand out, leaving us with incredible Insta photos to gain inspo from!

3. @hannahroxit


Hannah Lee is a nail stylist that has an impeccable aesthetic inspires us all. She is always coming up with new looks and is especially great at creating content specific to certain holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc.

4. @astrowifey


Ashley Crowe, the Chicago Nail Artist who is a true expert in all things nail-related! If you are looking for new designs to put on your client’s nails, look no further. Her Instagram page is filled with innovative designs, new polish colors and an enticing aesthetic that is sure to leave you with major inspiration.

5. @nailsbyjema



Jema considers herself to be a “Nailie Named Jema”, however, we consider her to be a nail genius! Her quick Instagram tutorials are amazing to get that little inspirational push before meeting with your next client for the day. Plus, her holiday nail looks are adorably clean-cut, with no messes, and beautifully created!

And there you have it! A list of five Nail Artists on Instagram that you simply must follow if you are a manicurist, or simply a beauty professional looking for some inspiration throughout your busy, creative life!