If you’re an esthetician (or even if you aren’t!), you are most likely more than aware of the fact that skincare is becoming a dominating force in the industry and is only continuing its growth. Thus, it is rather difficult for estheticians to find new and innovative brands and products to differentiate their kits and what they recommend to clients. Today, we are showing you three different skincare brands that you may or may not have heard of but ones that you ABSOLUTELY have to give a try!

1. Pur~Lisse

purlisse-beauty ingredients-pur-lisse

 Pur~lisse is a skincare company that incorporates Asian beauty rituals with French cosmeceuticals and is incredibly beneficial to sensitive skin types. With a focus on Blue Lotus, White Tea, peptides, proteins and more in their products, the skin is rejuvenated with the use of their products. Not only is this the perfect brand to put on your sensitive-skinned clients, but it can be used for all as the ingredients are rather universal in treating and benefitting skincare ailments.

2.   Fresh

fresh-skincare fresh-skincare-body

Fresh offers consistently high-quality products with pure, natural ingredients that are also highly effective. This is every esthetician’s dream brand as they offer multi-functional products and have a wide category of items from skincare to lipcare to bodycare and fragrance…essentially everything you would need for your clients! What makes Fresh so unique, additionally is because of the fact that they incorporate the natural and effective components, and yet, they still offer modern science and historically healthy ingredients on the skin that your client is sure to love.

3. First Aid Beauty


First Aid Beauty, fittingly named FAB for short, provides the least amount of irritation to the skin when their products are applied. This is a terrific brand to use on your clients if they are suffering from a chronic skin issue or even if they simply want a quick revitalization of the skin for an everyday look. The brand categorizes their products based on the skincare concern, making it easy for you to efficiently select which product will be best for the individual client.  FAB products do not contain fragrances or parabens, and have been allergy-approved to ensure the best usage on sensitive skincare. As an esthetician, there is often contemplation on whether or not a brand or product will be harmful or beneficial to a client with sensitive skin. Using FAB products will ensure this question is consistently answered.


Whether you are looking to simply expand your esthetician product kit or are trying to find new products that you have yet to experiment with, these three brands offer quality-driven products that are sure to delight your clients. Bonus Tip: If you are having a block as to what new products to try out, a great source to use is going on the Sephora home page, clicking the skincare tab and seeing what the current best-sellers are. This will allow you to always be in the know, understanding the latest trends and newest products being released from your favorite brands! Remember, research is key, and knowledge is power in any field, especially the skincare field. The more you understand the products the better you will be able to decipher if it will fit the consumers need or not. Thus, these three brands offers a fresh (no pun intended), insight on the newest skincare lines that will wash your client’s skincare woes away.